The Disappearing Man​/​The Business Fairy Split Tape

by The Disappearing Man

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released July 24, 2011



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The Disappearing Man West Virginia

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Track Name: City Song
I've sat and watched my friends turn into people I'm not proud to know
Subtle changes morphing humans into monsters
They're getting jobs and making families of their own
But they don't know just how far they've got to go

Before they find the empty promises they've based their lives around
Become a killing blow that makes them
All the biggest jokes in town
I found love inside a bottle but I finally put it down
And I won't rest until I keep afloat or finally fucking drown

I've watched lives be bent and broken
And I've seen the colors fade
From your eyes and I've been blessed enough to kiss your swollen face
Your swollen face that sat on shoulders holding the weight of the world
And if I don't tell you tonight then there's no chance you'll know it girl

you're Nothing less than perfect, I've seen cars crash in your eyes
I've spent lifetimes looking for you and it's time you realized
That I'm alive, I'm afraid, I'm a mess but I am bold
And I'm the boy you've always dreamed about since you were five years old.
Track Name: Song About You
I would kill to fall in love
Alas I've never known what love was
And I don't think I'd like to die
Cause I'm afraid of what could lie beyond the sky

And you were special to me once
But then you changed your clothes and mind at the same time
So I packed my bags and headed south
And lied to people saying I knew all the silly things they spoke about

When I woke up this afternoon
My spirit sat beside me on the porch and we both drank a few
We sorted out my feelings too
And burned the mental pictures that pertained to me and you

If I could trust myself to speak
I'd tell you all the reasons you've ever meant anything
To me and how you came to be
My greatest pleasure and the only thing I fear besides heights and me

It's good that I was born a mute
Because if I could form some words I'd cause a big dispute
And I know that you find me rude
But I'm a boy who only knows the things that he's become accustomed to

If I could take away your pain
I'd only end up making new wounds that your friends would blame
On your good looks and trusting side
And I'd be shadowed by fact that for a moment I was yours and you were mine.
Track Name: The Last Time Love Bit Me
So take down all the pictures that you never fucking cared about
And I'll stop making memories that I've never been sure about
if you wanted something less than honesty please shout it out
I've never been the type to beat around the bush so why start now?

My mental problems aren't subsiding
And I'm afraid to let you know
That I'm addicted to your selfish fucking games

And it's driving me insane
To realize you turned into every single
Thing I hate.

And I'd be lying if I told you
That it's not crushing me inside
That I was born with too much pride

And that hate every fucking person that I've met
Since the moment I laid eyes on you and I just came to terms with it

So take down all the pictures that you never fucking cared about
And I'll stop making memories that I've never been sure about
if you wanted something less than honesty please shout it out
I've never been the type to beat around the bush so why start now?

We've all got skeletons in closets
I just buried my bones deeper in the pile
And learned to live with my denial

And you were nothing short of perfect,
But I let my weary heart destroy my brain

I put every ounce of passion I could muster
Into a ship and set it sailing on the sea
But I went down like the anchor
I was sleeping with a temptress
And I will never be the man you needed me to be

so take down all the pictures that you never fucking cared about
And I'll stop making memories that I've never been sure about
if you wanted something less than honesty please shout it out
I've never been the type to beat around the bush so why start now?
Track Name: Untitled
While waiting for my boss to pick me up the other day
I realized that I've been living my life completely wrong
so I quit my job the next morning

I dusted off my bike and I rode it through a town
over bridges around buses till i found places I'd forgot
I felt just like an old time explorer

and I rode past your house
throwing rocks at your windows and laughing
it's been 4 years since you lived there my how time keeps passing

and I went down to the river where we watched the barges pass
and joked about how if i could swim we would ride them
All the way up the ohio to pittsburgh

and I picked a couple flowers and I tossed them in the stream
and pretended you were still standing there with meeee
but i haven't seen you in three summers

but one day we'll find a way to finally stand each other
so we can kick it like we did when we were young and tried to play the games of lovers

I listened to the tape you made me when we first met.
it's funny how a kiss can make it so hard to forget
how I cried when you said you were leaving

all at once those songs were more than just some music for my ears
they were you, they were me, they were everything i feared
and as the last song ended so did our friendship

and if you asked me how I felt with you I'd probably have to say infinite
you were the only person willing to try and understand me yet
Track Name: The Business Fairy - Good Things
I'm a lonesome cowboy on an empty plain
I refuse to shower so I dance naked in the rain
They said that good things would come to me
But I am tired of waiting.

I saw Ethan Hawke in new york city yesterday
He wasn't looking too happy
I heard they promised him good things
But they did not deliver to him.

I will be the one their remembering
Talking with friends they'll sit back and say
It's really sad what happened to him
There were so many good things happening for him.

They say good things come to the ones who wait
I've been waiting so long it seems that i've forgotten
What it was I was waiting for in the first place
Don't blame these thoughts on my impatience
Patience is a virtue that is overlooked
I don't give a care or a good goddamn
Just waiting for some good to come to this world
Track Name: The Business Fairy - Fag
An apple a day keeps the doctor away
Two guys making out, I would assume that they're gay
A hasty assumption perhaps, might just be an act
Something to use to increase shock value

I'm ready to go
I've been waiting quite a while
It's my time to shine
I'm ready to go out on stage

Don't look at the way I dress, judge how I react to stress
Look at my moves, see how I move
Don't be surprised if you see me just standing
I'm taking care of business, it's in my description

Are we ready to go?
We're going to be driving for quite a while
Whose turn is it to drive?
I think we're all ready to hit the road

I feel like i'm dying, had my fair share of crying
I want to get well, I need to get well
I'm sick and I'm tired, I'm not getting better
After three weeks you'd think I'd get a break

When can I go home?
I hope it doesn't cost too much this time
I'm ready to drive.
I've still got a few hours on the road
I want to go home.
Track Name: The Business Fairy - Stay
Don't want to go away, don't want to go away again
Don't want to go away, I'd rather stay again
All things considered, everything is going well
Articulated, but always underestimated

Conflict inside my mind between my instincts and perspective on life.
I'm glad the complete destruction of my self-esteem is entertaining.
I just can't help but to laugh at stupid bitches with excuses like that.
I don't want to go away, I'd rather stay again.

I've successfully made no mistakes
But yet here I am wishing it wasn't too late
To change my mind
I've been thinking about this for quite awhile
And though I don't want to go
I'm not sure I want to stay
In this place for another day
But now it's too late

Destroy everything that you know, behold, let the truth be told
I don't know what the hell is going on anymore
Then yet again, disappointed, and once again another argument
But I keep bringing myself back for more.
Track Name: The Business Fairy - HEED
The infinite amount of ideas the human mind can generate
And no one seems to use their common sense
With very little or no need in cogitating a debate
I feel like i'm the only one who cares

Like a mouse in a trap
So close to death, if he's not already dead
And there's no hope of survival

Irrational behavior causing unsought pain and suffering
An untimely suicide prolonged
Absent minded, disregarded exploitation, I've had enough
These voices are being ridiculous.
I think my point is being missed.

Don't you wish the world was a better place?
Don't you wish that there wasn't so much hate?
Do you think it's ever going to change?
Do you think it'll always be this way?
People will always have the potential to change for the best.
We need to stop thinking about ourselves and heed the world requests.
Track Name: The Business Fairy - Molotov Cocktail
I shot the breeze today
He owed me money
Parked around back of the liquor store
On my 21st birthday
Going to buy some alcohol
In big bottles, take them home
I'm in a molotov mood
A molotov cocktail
For everyone, all my friends
Your fate rests in my hands

I gave one to the white house
Good morning, Mr. President
I gave one to my thirsty ex girlfriend
How have you been?
I force fed one to the cat
That'll teach her to claw the couch
I gave one to you
And told you to "get the fuck out of my house"

Hey there, good lookin' with the fabulous smile
Would you like a cocktail of the molotov style?
It's on the house, a bottle of bubbly champagne
Just enjoy yourself while you go up in flames.

And I'm not looking for an excuse
I'm pushing through to find the truth
But really there was nothing wrong
That's why I gave you a molotov

I gave one to tu madre
Slipped it into her coffee
I gave one to your dad
He still just sat there, glued to the TV
The siblings deserve theirs
I'm confident they'll meet their own demise
Just because they're older
Doesn't mean that they're wise