Disappearing Man / Business Fairy 7inch

by The Disappearing Man

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released December 31, 2012



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The Disappearing Man West Virginia

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Track Name: Homeless Equals Hopeful
it's mornings like these I wake up convinced I'll be alone for my whole life
lately I'm becoming far too cool with that call
i wake up on the wrong side of the floor almost every time
I take the time to even get off the floor at all

i hang out with the same two fucking people almost every single day
for that i am grateful but i sure could use alittle change
instead I work myself to the bone, without a place to call my own
the roads been looking good for quite some time I think i'll call it home

I calculate the distance I could travel on couches every night
stealing from walmarts and bumming from hipsters when i needed rides
settling down when my luck runs out or i fall in love or i find a town
or i find some people who know anything about what I scream about

Instead of dwelling on the past I've learned exactly where i stand
and I'm quite ready to admit that i don't need to hold your hand
cause I'd rather be homeless than completely fucking hopeless
so I'll live my dreams if my dreams will live through me
Track Name: Molotov Song
It's a tough pill to swallow the moment it hits you
that the town you grew up in no longer fits you
so you pack your belongings and say your goodbyes
in a place where your happiness died

and the future's unwritten or so they say
and there's nothing to stop you from running away
so let's make an example of something we hate
with a molotov to seal its fate

this town's become boring and I'm losing friends
let's burn it all down and start over again
cause I think I'm done running from all of my sins
in a place where nobody wins

and I dream of a place where we can be free
no police institutions to crush all our dreams
and no racist or homophobic pieces of shit
who perpetuate intolerance

I'll travel the world with utopian fantasies
burning down towns as they all disappoint me
till I find somewhere that it's ok for me
to be filthy and lawless and free

so when you wake up and you simply can't take
another day of living in a pl;ace that ya hate
the formula's simple to make a new scene
rags, bottles, and gasoline